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Over 20 years of experience in the sector involves continuous improvement in the manufacturing technology, which ensures high quality of our products available at good prices with short lead times. Our customers include both economic entities and natural persons. We manufacture film packaging form heat-weldable materials, such as: OPP, PE, laminate, duplex, triplex, cast, PE-coated paper, OPP-coated paper (WINDOW BAG). The packaging can be used for food and household products, overprinted or not. We offer the following types of bags: flat, with a bottom or side seam, with microperforation, e.g. for bread, iceberg lettuce, with a back or side weld, with overlapping seams, with an euro slot or another hanger PE or OPP-coated paper with a block bottom with a cut seam overlapping at the bottom Finished bags can be used for automatic or manual packing