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heat-weldable packaging


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PRO-MASZ-PAK has been operating in the heat-weldable packaging sector since 1990. Our company specialises in the production of packaging for food products, such us bread, pasta or ready-made meals, and for household items, e.g. candles, sponges and many more. Our packaging is made of plastics such as PE and OPP, as well as laminates and other heat-weldable materials, i.e. materials which, as a final product, may have a side or bottom seam. The trade policy of our company has been based on several principles, which have been consistently complied with for years. First of all, we take care of continuous development and improvement of the manufacturing technology used at the plant, which guarantees high quality of products offered at good prices with very short lead times. We manufacture both for economic entities and natural persons. Several decades of continuous presence on the market is the best confirmation of our position and the popularity, which our products enjoy. Over this time, the number of our regular customers has increased to reach nearly one hundred.